What are Polycarbonate Sunglasses?

Looking for a new pair of shades? Seeing all these terms being thrown at you like all of us are suppose to be experts in the field. If you are like me I just want a pair that will last a decent amount of time, protect my eyes and not cost an arm an a leg to accomplish that. One of those terms you may have seen several times by now is polycarbonate. What is that? What does it have to do with sunglasses? Why should I care? Well I hope to answer all those questions and make it simple.

To keep this short and sweet I will break it down to simple bullet like points and key points. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, shatter proof in nature and used in safety glasses and use to be used in aviation. Just those properties make it a great material for sunglasses. Now this is also the reason why you do not see polycarbonate sunglasses in the dollar store, they are just too expensive for those stores but they are well worth the extra cost.

Now why would you want to have polycarbonate lens sunglasses? What make it better then whatever they use at the dollar store? First thing they are shatter proof, for me that is a key selling point. With a three year old it has to withstand some crazy circumstances.

Okay now are you wondering where you can get these said polycarboante sunglasses? Well we offer them silly. One thing that stands us apart from other manufacturers is that we bake the UV protection right into the lens because of how you make the lenses it is quite simple. The biggest benefit about having the UV protection backed it is that it will now rub off through normal use. Also our sunglasses are UV400 which means it blocks 100% UVA and UVB radiation so you know your eyes are protected.

Now there is quite a bit more detail about polycarbonate and its properties and how it is made into sunglass lenses but Like I said I wanted to keep this simple and short.


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